Alameda, California, Naval Air Station, Coast Guard Base, old postcards, photos and other historic images

Alameda, California, Naval Air Station (NAS), Coast Guard Base, Airport, old postcards, photos and other historic images, provide a great visual look back at Alameda City’s history.

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Alameda, U.S. Naval Air Station (NAS), Alameda, California
Closed April 1997. Now known as Alameda Point.

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San Francisco Bay Airdrome, Alameda, California
Dedication 08/16/1930. Ceased Operation 1941

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Alameda Airport & Seaplane Base, Alameda, California
Built circa 1927. Dedication 03/02/1929. AKA Curtiss-Wright Airport circa 1931 and Pan American Airways Field circa 1936 PanAm seaplane moorage. Ceased Operation 1936? Became part of Naval Air station (NAS) 11/01/1940. Source: Aerofiles. Civil Airports of California.

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Government Island, U.S. Coast Guard (U. S. C. G.) Base, Alameda, California

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U.S. Coast Guard Training Station, Alameda, California, circa August 1952

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U.S. Maritime Service Officers’ Training School

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General Dry Dock, Alameda, California

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