Jack London Square, Oakland, California, old postcards, photos and other historic images.

Jack London Square, Oakland California, old postcards, photos, and other historic images, including menus, matchbook covers, ashtrays and other items, provide a great visual look back at the history of Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

The Sea Wolf Restaurant was located at the site where Scott’s Restaurant (which opened in 1976) is today. The Grotto Restaurant was open from 1936 to 1990 and was at the site where Kincaids Restaurant is today. Other restaurants that have been at Jack London Square include: Showboat, Showboat 2, Showboat 3, Planters Dock, Bow & Bell, London House, Elegant Farmer, the Castaway, Mikado, The Mast, Il Pescatore, Marco Polo, El Caballo, Gallagher’s, Emperor, Simon’s Square.

 Bow and Bell, Jack London Square, Oakland, California


Grotto Restaurant, Jack London Square, Oakland, California

The Grotto Restaurant was at Jack London Square in Oakland, California was open from 1936 to February 1990. It was located at the site where Kincaids Restaurant is today. The original Grotto Restaurant opened in 1936 and was called “Oakland Seafood Grotto”.  The Restaurant was rebuilt in 1966, right behind the original location, and the name was shortened to “Grotto.” Thanks to Michael Stipic for sharing these great images from his personal collection. Michael is the son of Mike Stipic, who along with Andy Franicevich and Tony Markovich owned and operated the Grotto.  Michael grew up in Alameda, California and graduated from Alameda High School. If you have any Grotto Restaurant images or memorabilia not seen here, please contact Michael Stipic who is an active collector. He is especially interested in trying to locate a Grotto ashtray.

Grotto Restaurant Matchbooks
Fishermen’s Pier Menu At the same site and one year before Oakland Seafood Grotto 1935
Grotto 1940s Menu
Grotto Wine Menu 1974
Sea Wolf Restaurant


Sea Wolf Restaurant Menus


Showboat Restaurant


Castaway Restaurant


Elegant Farmer Restaurant


London House Restaurant


Mikado Restaurant

The Mikado was designed and erected in Japan, dismantled and shipped to the United States.


Villa De La Paix Restaurant


Other Restaurants and Bars, Jack London Square


Jack Lndon Village at Jack London Square